A Career in Financial Services

Financial services is a broad term that encompasses all of the different offerings within the finance industry, including everything from insurance to money management and payments. These services are vital to helping individuals and businesses generate income, manage irregular cash flows, invest in opportunities and work their way out of poverty. In addition, they provide a critical safety net to help people cope with crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shocks.

A career in financial services can be very rewarding, especially if you can break into the industry early on with a solid network and some education under your belt. Most companies value their employees highly and will invest in their professional development. They are also known for promoting from within, with the focus placed on aptitude rather than tenure. You can expect to receive comprehensive benefits, as well, depending on the size of the employer, such as health and life insurance, pensions and bonuses.

The best way to get into a job in this field is through your network and with the help of some education under your belt, whether that’s a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a master’s in business administration. You will be expected to have strong analytical skills and be able to think quickly on your feet. Many financial services firms offer on-the-job training and mentoring for their new hires. This is one of the reasons that it’s so easy to advance in this industry.

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