Factors That Affect the Effectiveness of News


News is a vital part of a democratic society. It provides the citizenry with information and enables informed political discussion. To achieve this, journalists must be objective, unbiased and independent from external influences. Several factors affect the effectiveness of news stories. Some of these factors are impact, proximity, currency, controversy and prominence.

Propaganda in the media has weakened public confidence in institutions, and people are growing more suspicious of the media. In fact, public trust in Congress has declined more than confidence in the press, according to a study by the University of Michigan. Another Gallup survey found that public opinion of the news media is declining.

While news is interesting, not every story can be newsworthy. A well-written news piece is a good way to get the public’s attention. News articles should be concise, informative, and visually appealing. The news writer should be able to make the reader say, “Gee Whiz!”. Unfortunately, the ability to be surprised is being eroded as news sources have become increasingly numerous.

News is often based on controversies. If a conflict is brewing, anything associated with it will be newsworthy. However, news stories are rarely good. Often, they are not the best news – they are not based on the truth or the facts. For this reason, it is important to remember that good news isn’t always news. News is the first draft of history. It is often the result of a scandal or an unexpected event that generates public interest. It also includes stories about the human condition, which are often emotionally charged.

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