Home Improvement Trends

Home improvement

Home improvement is the act of renovating or repairing one’s house. This can include interior and exterior remodeling, as well as landscaping and adding features such as decks or fences. Increasingly, homeowners undertake home improvement projects with an ulterior motive: to add value to their property. But not all home improvements are created equal, and some can actually decrease your home’s resale value.

In general, the types of home improvements that are surging in popularity right now are those related to outdoor work. For example, spending on backyard landscaping is up more than 50% this year, and hiring landscapers to put in new decks or fences is up nearly threefold. Homeowners are also doubling their investment in tree planting, which has increased by 27% this year.

While many of these projects are relatively inexpensive and can be done by the homeowner, it is recommended that the services of a professional contractor be hired for those that require skill or knowledge beyond a basic level. This will ensure that the job is completed properly and any warranties issued by the contractor are enforceable. In addition, it is highly recommended that the services of a qualified home inspector be used to inspect the home prior to undertaking any major renovations, as this may identify serious problems (such as water leaks, termite infestation and outdated electrical systems) that could be expensive to repair later.

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