How to Manage Business Services in Simplicable

Business services refer to any industry that supports the infrastructure or productivity of a company. These industries include information technology, accounting, human resources, legal services, and more.

Unlike a product-based business, a service-based business doesn’t need to invest in producing a physical product and thus requires less capital to start up. Additionally, the products that are produced by a service-based business are often customized and bespoke to fit the needs of each client. For example, a graphic design firm that produces logos, signs, packaging, and publications for clients is considered a service business.

As a result, service businesses tend to have higher margins than other industries. Moreover, they also have the benefit of being able to offer a more flexible pricing structure than product-based businesses. However, in difficult economic times, consumers tend to cut back on services and instead focus on buying essential products. This can make a business vulnerable to fluctuations in demand and potentially result in revenue loss.

To manage a service, you need to monitor its availability and health. You can do this by creating a custom Business Service dashboard or using one of the default ones that are included in Simplicable. You can also add a service to your favorites list by clicking the star icon. This will enable you to view your favorite services at the top of the dashboards by default. To remove a service from your favorites list, click the icon again.

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