Relationships 101


Relationships are the people and things we interact with on a regular basis. Relationships can be casual acquaintances, people you pass in the hallways and smile at, or friends that enjoy a bond of mutual support and fun. Some relationships may also be romantic and/or sexual, or there may be a formal commitment such as engagement, marriage, or living together.

In a healthy relationship, you and your partner balance responsibilities and time for each other with the freedom to pursue your own interests. You respect each other’s feelings and needs, and communicate effectively about them. You don’t keep score of who does more, and you help each other out without being asked. This is because you truly care about your partner and want them to be happy.

Having someone in your life that you trust can reduce anxiety and create a sense of security and safety. It means you can try new things because you know that your partner will be there for you, and that they will understand if your experiments fail. It can even be a comfort during difficult times, such as health crises.

In a balanced relationship, you give and receive affection, support, and love equally. You take time to make and remember special dates and events. You talk openly about problems and disagreements, and you can be vulnerable with each other without fear of judgement. You are willing to compromise and negotiate. If you are in a romantic relationship, this includes talking about sex and intimacy to ensure both partners feel satisfied within their sexuality.

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