Relationships – 4 Basic Definitions of Relationships

People use the word “relationship” to describe a wide variety of human connections, both romantic and nonromantic. Because of this, no two people will have exactly the same understanding of what a relationship is. In this article we’ll discuss some basic definitions of Relationships, along with some things to keep in mind if you want your Relationship to be healthy and long-term.

1. Positive relationships add meaning to our lives.

The feeling that we are part of a community of supportive, loving friends and family can make us feel happier, more confident, and more secure. These relationships also help give our lives purpose by providing a reason to live and encouraging us to pursue our dreams.

2. Relationships are necessary for our psychological and physical well-being.

Our need for close, stable relationships is believed to be an evolved biological need based on our early experiences with caregivers who reliably met our needs for food, shelter, care, warmth, security and love. These early experiences are thought to have formed deeply ingrained patterns of relating to others in stable relationships.

3. Healthy relationships require a balance of giving and taking.

A balanced relationship is one in which each person is able to give and receive the right amount of affection, energy, and love. This can be a challenge in some relationships, but it is important to make time each day for your partner and set aside a safe space for communication.

4. Intimate relationships are necessary for a healthy relationship.

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