Relationships – What is a Relationship?

Whether romantic or nonromantic, interpersonal relationships are a vital component to the social support network that is key to overall physical and mental health. However, with the word relationship being used in a wide range of contexts, it is often unclear as to what exactly people mean when they use the term. This article will explore the types of relationships that exist and provide tips on how to build a healthy and fulfilling one.


A relationship can be defined as any emotional or intellectual connection that forms between two individuals. It can be a bond that develops over time, or it may be something that is established early in life. Regardless, most people have a need for human connection and are programmed to seek out a partner in order to satisfy this need.

In a healthy relationship, the partners are mutually supportive and respect one another. They work together to achieve common goals, and they communicate openly and honestly about their feelings. While some conflict may arise, it is resolved with compromises and a desire to understand each other’s perspectives.

When in the right relationship, you know you’ve found “the one.” You’re the ride or die, the one person that will cheer you on when you win and pick you up when you fall. They’re there to support you in your endeavors and encourage you to be your best self. They’ll be the person who stays up late with you and doesn’t judge you for throwing your best dance moves at a wedding. They’re the one person that makes your soul feel alive and energized, and they give you the motivation to do more in life.

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