Top Home Improvement Trends in 2023

Home improvement

Home improvement is a broad term that can refer to a variety of projects to improve an existing residence. These projects can range from remodeling and renovating a kitchen or bathroom to adding an addition or installing a deck. Home improvements may also include replacing the windows or roof, adding a sprinkler system, or making energy-saving upgrades such as installing insulation.

In 2023, as homeowners continue to face high inflation and strained budgets, many will focus on affordable home improvement projects that offer a quick return on investment (such as new windows or a new roof) rather than expensive remodels. Other top home improvement trends in 2023 will be repair work and giving homes minor facelifts. These projects can be as simple as replacing worn flooring or painting rooms to give them a fresh look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to selecting a contractor, homeowners should be sure to do their research and find a licensed professional with experience working on similar projects. Additionally, it is important to discuss the project with a contractor and establish a payment schedule upfront. It’s also wise to withhold final payment until all work has been completed and all required inspections and certificates of occupancy have been issued.

A large part of homeowner satisfaction is derived from feeling like they have enough room and space to make their home feel like a comfortable and welcoming place to live. However, it’s not always easy to reconcile the costs of these projects with their resale value and happiness benefits.

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