Using Technology in the Classroom


Technology is a term that refers to the tools and techniques humans have developed to accomplish specific tasks. It is a broad term that can include both physical and virtual technologies.

The word technology is derived from the Greek words techne and logos, which mean art or skill. It is also a common term in the field of social science, where it is used to study the relationship between technology and society.

Technological innovations have helped humanity improve many aspects of their lives, from creating new tools to controlling their environment and increasing the availability of resources. They also help businesses improve their efficiency and reduce costs.

In the classroom, teachers can use technology to engage students in a variety of ways. They can post homework assignments online and provide students with access to educational apps like Kahoot that allow them to review information after class or during a break.

When introducing technology in the classroom, it is important to consider your students’ level of readiness. The Arizona K-12 Center has created an outstanding Technology Integration Matrix that provides guidance on different levels of tech integration based on readiness and current practice, and offers links to sample lessons.

Ultimately, it is up to the teacher to decide what level of technology integration is right for their classroom. They can do this by establishing realistic goals for their work throughout the year. In addition, they can hold introductory sessions with students to get them comfortable with new tools.

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