What is a Team Sport?

Team sport

Team sport is an activity that requires a group of people to facilitate the movement of a ball or other similar object in accordance with a set of rules. This may be accomplished by using the hands, feet, or both and includes sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, handball, American football, volleyball, and basketball. Team sports provide many pedagogical benefits for kids: self esteem, social skills, character development, teamwork, respect, compromise and hard work. They teach the value of continuing to try when faced with failure and demonstrate delayed gratification, perseverance, and dedication. Team athletes learn to appreciate their teammates’ contributions, and learn to be more selfless and compassionate.

In addition to the pedagogical values, team sports also improve coordination, build strength and stamina and strengthen core muscles. Many of these sports are also high-intensity, which helps burn calories and tone the body. They are fun and help reduce stress levels, which is important for children. They also teach the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise.

Most of all, team sports teach the value of giving up one’s own personal goals for the good of the group. These lessons will carry with them far beyond the field, rink or court. They will be useful in the workplace, school, and family life. These are the lessons that are not learned in individual sports such as golf or tennis, which can be very ego-centric. These are lessons that are taught by the coaches and fellow players on the team, who can have just as much an impact on a child’s life as their teachers or parents.

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