What is Fashion?

Fashion is a form of expression that conveys our personality, mood and emotions. It allows us to express ourselves through a variety of means: from a subdued whisper to a high-energy scream. It can be a way of telling the world that we are confident in our choices and can take on whatever life throws at us. Fashion can be as simple as putting on a pair of jeans and going to the coffee shop or as complicated as creating a whole look for an event like a photo shoot. Fashion is not limited to clothes; it can also include jewelry, shoes, bags and makeup.

There is no one definition of fashion, but it often refers to a specific style that is created and shared by a group. A fashion may be exclusive to a certain cultural group or era, such as the’swinging London’ look of the 1960s. It can also be influenced by a specific social movement, such as the protestant work ethic of the 1950s or the bohemian freedom of the 1970s.

The creation of fashion is an ever-changing process. It can be driven by new technologies, as with the use of copper rivets in Levi jeans to extend their lifespan, or by a desire for something new and exciting. For example, in the 1950s, jeans began to be ripped and cut to evoke a rock star image. In the early 21st century, fashions have been driven by globalization and the proliferation of social media platforms that allow individuals to share their looks with the world.

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