What is Fashion?


Fashion is a term used to describe styles, aesthetics and trends. It can be portrayed in many forms, including clothing, shoes, jewellery and even language. It is often influenced by the current environment and society and has become an important part of culture and economics.

It can also be seen in the media and popular culture, for example music videos or films. Fashion is a form of self-expression and can have a major impact on how people act. It is also an industry that provides jobs for millions of people worldwide.

For a style to be considered fashionable it must be adopted by a significant proportion of a social group. It is often influenced by celebrities, politicians and royalty, and the media reports on their choice of clothes. Fashion can be influenced by changes in the economy or political climate, for example the rise of feminism which led to the increased popularity of a range of feminine styles and the growth of fast fashion companies that offer inexpensive versions of designer brands.

In recent years there has been an explosion of commentary, discussion and study around the topic of fashion. This is partly a response to the fact that it has emerged as a global industry and socio-cultural phenomenon. However, it is also a reaction to the fact that the fashion system favours financial and socio-cultural capital over human and natural capital, and that it is constructed as a glossy, reductive and glamorous series of everchanging products that obscure their origins, ingredients and makers and their true impact on the world.

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