What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a general term that encompasses the style of clothing, footwear, accessories and even hairstyles. It is a process that changes with time, place and even culture. It is the process that creates new trends in attire and thus gives rise to a global industry known as the fashion world.

The word “fashion” derives from the Latin factio. The word essentially means to mold, to shape, or to make. Hence, it explains the meaning behind the word “fashion” that is, the style of clothes that suits an individual’s style.

It is a common belief that the changes in fashion are influenced by societal changes. However, many researches have shown that people also change their styles for personal reasons. For example, during the adolescent period, some people try to find out their personality and thus experiment with various styles. This helps them to develop their style that best suits them.

Some of the popular styles that were in vogue in the past have now become obsolete. For instance, the bell-bottom jeans have given way to designer jeans and boots. The same is true with the long dangly earrings that have replaced the short ones.

In today’s times, fashion has evolved as a global culture that can be seen in the way people dress up and carry themselves. In this sense, the fashion world is a platform where the latest trends are displayed for consumers to buy. This is possible due to the proliferation of mass media such as newspapers, magazines and TVs.

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