What Is News?


Usually, when the word news is used, it refers to news reports about new events that have just occurred. But not all events are news. A good news story has positive overtones and a bad news story has negative ones.

News can come from anywhere, including non-human sources. These sources can provide insights that take a lot of time to find through scholarly sources. These sources also tell prevailing attitudes around the time of an event.

Some of the most common news stories are about war, crime, and government proclamations. They are often the first rough draft of history. However, most of the time, news is about people. This makes them more relatable.

When reporting a news story, the reporter has to make sure that the story is about people. Some examples of people-centered news are about celebrity or scandal.

Likewise, news stories can be about money. This can include economic crises, tax increases, or wage rises. It can also include things like food prices, school fees, and fortunes made and lost.

Other types of news stories can include health, entertainment, or sex. These can be emotional, humorous, or amusing. They can also be about medical research, diets, or traditional remedies.

Some of the most interesting things to report are controversies. These stories often have an element of surprise. This can be caused by a person being accused of something or being involved in a scandal. It can also be caused by unusual weather conditions.

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