What Is News?


Throughout the centuries, people have transported new information through various oral means. Eventually, people discovered the printing press. This opened up new markets for news. During the early modern period, newspapers were created in Europe.

Newspapers were first published in Germany in the early 1600s. During the twentieth century, television and radio became important news transmission mediums. The Internet has also begun to play a similar role.

There are several factors that determine whether something becomes news. These include the location, medium, and time of the story. These factors vary depending on the origin of the news. News is also defined by various beliefs, prejudices, and values. The values of news are embedded in a cultural system. This system is reflected in the news values of journalists.

According to Park, news is a form of knowledge. He said that the news value of a story depends on its proximity to the audience. This means the closer the audience is to the subject matter, the more they will be affected by the story.

In addition, a news story may include an element of surprise. For instance, a scandal or an unusual event may attract the attention of the audience. In addition, a story may have negative overtones.

Another factor is the news value of the personality involved in an event. For instance, a story about a film star has a higher news value than a story about an unknown person. Stories of athletes also have a higher news value.

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