What Is Technology?

Technology is the term used to describe the processes, tools and systems that people use to solve problems. It includes a wide variety of different types of devices, from computers and smartphones to televisions and smart cars. It is a word that is often confused with science because it has similar functions but the key difference is that technology applies scientific understanding to specific circumstances and contingencies. In short, it prioritizes some paths to an end and disfavours others. This means that although it may seem counterintuitive, a piece of technology must be purposeful and have some sort of moral slant or system embedded in it.

Communication Technology

We use communication technologies like phones, email, fax and messaging tools every day to keep in touch with friends and family. These tools make it easy to stay connected, share information and express ourselves. Communication technology also includes devices that can be implanted in a person to monitor and record certain health data such as heart rate and quality of sleep.

Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Machines that are designed to help businesses produce more efficiently are a form of technology. This technology can be seen in the robots that work alongside humans in factories and the 3D printing technology that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

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