Why Relationships Are Important

Everyone has an image in their head of how they think relationships should work. Some people are in a relationship that’s close to the picture they have in their mind, others aren’t, and the ones that are can’t quite get there, either.

In a healthy relationship, you’re comfortable sharing everything with your partner. You’re comfortable talking about your feelings and discussing important topics like finances, family, or future plans. You also don’t feel insecure or anxious when your partner spends time with other people.

Your partner makes you feel good, every day. Their presence can make you smile and even have a little butterflies in your stomach, especially when they say “I love you” or hold you close. Whether they’re giving you emotional support or simply helping you get out of bed in the morning, your partner makes your life better.

Relationships are important for your health. Studies have shown that having a loving partner can lead to lower stress levels, more restful sleep, and improved mental health. Your partner can help you stay on track with your wellness goals and be a sounding board when you’re struggling.

A healthy relationship requires work, but not in the way a lot of people think. When they hear the word “work,” some people assume that it must be difficult or exhausting, when in reality, a relationship is a lot more like an engaging hobby or exciting school project — things that you’re excited to do and can’t wait to see the results of.

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