Business Services

Business services are tasks or activities that help maintain a business, despite not delivering a tangible product. These services assist companies in marketing, production, safety, cost and convenience.

Some common business services include insurance and real estate. These services ensure that companies have adequate coverage for their employees and their property. These services also help reduce financial obligations by arranging rental agreements.

Animal control and pest extermination are other business services that companies need to keep their employees safe and healthy. These services can prevent workplace hazards like rodents and ants from invading offices.

Maintenance service professionals work to repair appliances and other machinery that is malfunctioning in a company’s space. These workers help companies save time and money by fixing problems quickly.

Tech support and network monitoring are other common business services that allow companies to address technological issues without having to hire additional employees. These services can solve tech problems quickly, so employees can focus on their work.

Landscaping is another type of business service that helps companies beautify and maintain their workspaces. These services are available to businesses of all sizes and can range from lawn care to designing the surrounding landscape.

Delivery and utility services are other common business services that help businesses with their supply needs. These services can deliver essential items like office supplies, water and gas directly to a company’s location, saving time and money.

Successful business services result in higher profits and better products and outcomes for both internal and external customers. The key to success in designing and upgrading business services is understanding their service value proposition, the business context in which they operate, and implementing the four elements of service design:

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