What Is News?


News is what happens to people and their worlds, and it includes many different types of events. It can be the news of someone’s death, an important event in history, a major crime, or a story about a scandal that affects society.

When we think of news, we typically imagine the events that we read or watch on television, or hear on the radio. However, there are some very basic characteristics of news that apply to all media, and most people understand them.

Timeliness: Things that happen quickly, whether it’s a murder or a new technology, are more likely to make the news than something that doesn’t. This is a big part of why people get their news on broadcast and online sources, because they can hear or read about an event right away.

Drama: A lot of drama can make or break a news story. If a baby tiger is found wandering near a school, for example, that can be a dramatic event that touches people’s hearts.

Prominent people are also often the subject of news. Whether they are presidents, politicians, or actors, what they do and who they are can make news. This is especially true when they fall from power, lose money or become involved in scandals.

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