What is News?


A news report is a story that explains recent events. It is usually broadcast and read by a newsreader.

A good news story will have positive overtones and be concise. Good news may include: health stories, diets, medical research, drugs, hospital and medical care, or any other topic that is of interest to the reader.

Often, news comes from national publications. They report on noteworthy international and local events. These can have a greater impact on readers than stories from local papers.

Another type of story is human interest. This can be a story about a famous person or a scandal. There is also an entertainment aspect to these types of stories. Some of these can be humorous, or may involve animals, showbusiness, and other aspects of life.

These stories often break the rules of newsworthiness. Human interest stories can be found anywhere. They do not have to affect a large group of people. The main aim of these stories is to entertain or evoke emotion.

For example, a dog biting a man would not make news. However, a 90-year-old man still taking the bus is an unusual situation.

Generally, newsworthy events are timely, significant, and unique. They are a source of interest to many people.

In general, bad news has negative overtones, while good news has positive overtones. An event with a high death toll is newsworthy. On the other hand, something that a few people are involved in is not news.

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